About Us



Carlo Giuliano (1831-1895), the Italian goldsmith, known as a revivalist jeweler in the nineteenth century. He was initially famed for his distinctive granulated gold jewellery in the style of archaeological revival style. Giuliano is a true master of his skill, every piece of jewellery is intensely detailed in crafting, enameling or die-stamping. His love for Roman archeology and the Renaissance are directly transformed into his work.


Eventually as the vogue evolved into a taste for Renaissance style pieces, Giuliano forged a distinctive style of his own. The most popular pieces were lozenge-shaped pendants decorated with Giuliano’s signature enameling. His work was popular and many of Giuliano’s clients were members of high society. It is believed that he created a piece specially for Queen Victoria.


With this incredible legend heritaging his work in the jewellery world, we think his name and fame cannot be missed or forgotten. Therefore, in adopting his name for our modern collection we, at Carlo Giuliano, are giving an attempt to revive his passion. Guiliano’s passion for unique handcrafting work, textures and filigree, enameling and die-stamping techniques are all the greatest inspiration of our work. And we pay the highest honour to this talented goldsmith. 


Our designs, motifs and techniques are all related to his impeccable work. They are all perfectly handcrafted in its unique and organic shapes. The contemporary twist of enameling, the ancient technique of die-stamping and the use of filigree motifs and patterns are all to be found in our newest collections. Our contemporary pieces are suitable for both every day wear and for any special occasion. We have created three beautiful collections: La Marinera, La Foglie and La Feria – each with its own identity but designed for the jewellery lover who is looking for unique pieces to complement their own collection.


Now we invite you to explore with us the world of jewellery inspired by Carlo Giuliano.